Mid-Century Creepin’ in Baker

It’s challenging to find gobs of information online about Arne’s Royal Hawaiian Motel in Baker, CA.

A recent real estate listing states that the expansive property was an active motel from 1957 through 2009. Progressive photos and videos posted online show a noticable decline in upkeep since the property last sheltered a registered guest, however everything about the place — from the peeling palms painted on the side of the main structure to the waterless pool dominating the concrete courtyard — still suggests a carefree vacation on California desert soil.

Not long ago Jon and I visited Baker to stock up on delicious Alien Jerky. It turns out we were the aliens, traveling through space and time and ending up here…










I developed a deep fascination with the multitude of old chairs strewn about the place.

chairslores chair5lores chair2lores chair4lores chair3lores


showerlores bathroomlores


Bunny in the pool.

Bunny in the pool.


Before '50 Shades of Grey' we had 'Jailbait & The Studs', copyright 1983.

Before ’50 Shades of Grey’ we had ‘Jailbait & The Studs’, copyright 1983.

drumslores tiresloresslideloresnolores

2 thoughts on “Mid-Century Creepin’ in Baker

  1. Awesome photos, I especially like the fixture in the bathroom, my grandparents had a similar one. The leftover clothes, tires and balloon time canister rounds out the uniqueness factor!


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